In-Depth Bio

Larry Wayne, Voice-over Professional

For over three decades I’ve been voicing the success of companies around the globe!

It was almost romantic when I saw my first radio antenna as a child. I wondered what was on the “other side” of that tower at the radio studio. I knew radio was in my future.

Eventually, I fell into voice-over work when a local bank approached me to do some radio spots. I was hooked.

I developed my distinct, authoritative voice to help people market their products effectively. Today, it’s personally rewarding for me to have established long-term business relationships with many of my clients.

For me, voice-over work is a collaboration. Always. I take pride in the product I deliver.

My goal is to craft the best possible product to meet my clients’ needs.


I attended Columbia College, in Chicago, and have taken classes with voice-over coaches, such as David Goldburg, Pat Fraley, Jullie Williams and Deb Monroe, among others. But it’s daily studio work that has been my best classroom. I’m continually inspired to improve my services by listening critically to my own work and by listening to the work of others and then improving on what I do.

More Details About Me

I currently live in northern California with my wife of 35 years near our kids and grand-kids.

My Voice Characteristics

The voice I bring to your project is North American English, no accent, mature, although I prefer to call it “seasoned.”

  • Warm
  • Happy
  • Full
  • Knowledgeable
  • Distinct

My Studio Equipment

  • Neumann U89 Microphone
  • Great River Microphone Pre-Amp
  • Adobe Audition Recording Software
  • Mac Mini for in-studio work
  • Rode NTG3 Microphone for out-of-studio, on-the-road recording
  • MacBook Pro for on-the-road recording
  • Phone Patch Capable
  • Source-Connect for sessions anywhere on the planet!

Professional Organizations

Member of several professional voice-over groups including:

larry wayne voiceover member of wovo